Saturday, July 11, 2015

Finding Someone

I was hoping to find someone
And at first, I found you
And you were beautiful and turbulent
But perpetually untrue

I thought I was left with no one
And maybe I was back then
Being alone just couldn’t compare
To the way that things had been

Then I heard you found someone
And my world turned upside down
Because suddenly I realized
You wouldn’t be coming back around

And so I too searched for someone
To fill the void that once was you
And the memories of your company
Still choked me ‘til I was blue

And I failed to find anyone
Who could make me feel a thing
And when it came right down to it
I didn’t have much to bring

And so I searched for someone
In the depths of all that was me
Looked past the pushing it away
I was surprised with what I could see

And so I became someone
Someone I would want to meet
A girl who was strong but gentle at heart
And who refused to accept defeat

And so I found someone
And my chains and angst were freed
I had tried to make someone else
Fill what all along was me

And so I am someone
Who is proud and all alone
And maybe someone, somewhere
Will make this heart a home


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